Prairie Installation

Preparation and Planting

Blooming Prairie Nursery installs a full spectrum of prairies from short grass, to Iowa’s most common, the tall grass prairie. Our nursery houses more than 200 species of grasses and flowers that will create a stunning prairie-scape on any type of land. A prairie’s success relies heavily on proper preparation and installation. Blooming Prairie follows a thorough three-stage process to make sure the seed, grasses and flowers thrive.

Land Evaluation Measure the area, identify water sources and watershed
Soil Profile Look for clay and organic content
Plant Consultation Discuss preferred types of prairie flowers that will work with the sites sun exposure and environment.

Site-testing may result in any of the following service recommendations in addition to your prairie installation.
• Soil quality restoration
• Erosion control
• Black dirt or compost additions
• Woodchip mulching
• Bio-retention landscaping
• Aeration