Create an Attractive Hummingbird Garden

Each Hummingbird garden comes with a variety of native wildflowers. Choose your garden based on soil type. Enhancement packages are available for custom orders if you already have an established garden.

1. Average garden soil garden (Includes coneflowers, native shrubs and grasses)
2. Wet site garden (very colorful natives, some with good height and other low-lying natives to cover the ground.)

Tip: The key to attracting hummingbirds; plant multiple small gardens because of the territorial nature of male hummingbirds. This way, you can enjoy the fun of watching the male hummingbird guard his territory.

Below is a suggested layout for your garden. Use this to plan which types of plants you’d like to include. When you’ve decided which to use, call or email us with the names of the 38 plants you’ve chosen, and we will put together your garden for pickup.