Blooming Prairie Nursery is a family-owned nursery who’s heart and soul is in growing and installing native Iowa prairie flowers, grasses and shrubs. Our wildflowers are raised locally at our prairie in Carlise, Iowa creating stronger plants that thrive in their natural environment. We make our own soil from our verma composting worm farm that we use in our custom potting soil and we water our flowers with through an irrigation system that draws non-chlorinated water from the man-made lake right there on-site.


Native Prairie


Locally Grown


Blooming Prairie Nursery: A Family-Owned Prairie Heaven

The image above is of our own on-site prairie. What better way to showcase our skills than surround ourselves in the beauty of native prairie flowers? We started working on our prairie in 2011 and with tender care, mowing and burning, it is now a thriving attraction for birds and animals alike.
As our prairie matures the later succession plants are showing up throughout. This year we also burned parts but the Cream Indigo, White Wild Indigo, Compass Plant, Rattlesnake Master showed up.

  • Native Plants

    We grow native plants right here in central Iowa to help promote the planting of native prairie flowers for our ecosystem and pollinators.

  • Prairie Maintenance

    Prairies across Iowa are dying from improper care. Until established, they require a series of steps to become healthy ecosystems.


Acres of Prairie Restored


Iowa Native Seeds Harvested


Acres of On-site Prairie for Testing New Technology and Practices