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When native plants disappear, the insects disappear, impoverishing the food source for birds and other animals. - Doug Tallamy, Author Bringing Nature Home (pg 40)

natural landscaping system

blooming prairie nursery works with sustainable partners across the state of iowa to promote natural landscaping systems. do your part in restoring our local ecosystem.
Join us & Plant Native. 

Bag of enriched soil from BPN

Soil Quality

Bring back the organic matter in your soil. Start with a soil test to diagnose the health of your yard and we’ll go from there. Microbes? Organic matter? We’ve got it. 


We install natural designs created in partnership with the Rain Campaign to stop watershed that leads to flooding and water quality problems.

Rain garden Design

Garden Design

Choose from a full spectrum of Iowa natives. Our nursery houses a wide variety of forbes, grasses, sedges, trees and shrubs that will create a stunning prairie-scape on your property.

a handful of caterpillars from sustainable natives


Join the movement to re-establish native habitats for our insects, pollinators, birds, reptiles, and wildlife.

Bob Wubben selling plants

Blooming Prairie Nursery

Bob Wubben

Blooming Prairie Nursery began in 1997 in founder Bob Wubben’s backyard. Prior to that, he had been involved in Iowa native prairie restoration since the mid-1990s while employed by the Iowa Department of Transportation as the Roadside Vegetation Manager for five counties in northern Iowa.  

The early focus of Blooming Prairie Nursery was simply to grow and promote native plants for the purpose of “Attracting Wildlife to Your Backyard.” However, after years of experience and research, we have expanded on our mission. We have learned that soil health is key to growing healthy plants. Healthy soil, rich with organic matter and microbes, leads to healthy plants. Healthy native plants attract insects and butterflies, which in turn attract the birds. To fully rebuild our ecosystem, we also promote planting shrubs and trees to provide habitat for wildlife.

We believe healthy soil is the foundation of a healthy ecosystem.  Blooming Prairie Nursery has developed products and methods to restore soil health using our “Plant Medic 911” products.  These products are the BLOOMING PRAIRIE ADVANTAGE.


sustainable native prairie

Choose from pre-selected gardens or build your own prairie with flats, gallon potted plants or bare root plants.

We have special garden packages available that help facilitate the attraction of several different types of birds, butterflies and other incredibly entertaining critters! These small gardens come in a flat of 38 of various host plants. All of these options can be customized based on height and color preferences. This is a great option for those who want native prairie plantings, but don’t know where to start. Plants range from 1 gallon $9.00, 4″ pots at $7.00 each, and 3″ at $4.00 each. Unless otherwise noted onsite or stated in original plant order.

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We're committed to
restoring our local ecosystems.

We encourage our community to sustain our pollinators. Let’s keep feeding the world. We’re located in Iowa, an agricultural power-house and if any state can make a change, we can.

Everything that comes from Blooming Prairie Nursery is indigenous and native to Iowa in all aspects; from the soil and compost to the seed, flowers and grasses, it all comes from our natural Iowa ecosystem.


– Bob Wubben, Owner, Blooming pRairie Nursery